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SKY Portfolio



Industry: Public alerting systems

Alertro is a global provider of Early Warning and Public Alerting systems that helps communities and organizations keep their people safe and secure during critical events.

Alertro provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution designed to enable timely, informed decision-making by the authorities along with precise location based alerts that warns community members and ensures they can take the necessary actions to protect themselves and their families.


Finiti Fun

Industry: Global loyalty programs  

finitifun logo .jpg is a cutting-edge platform in the travel and leisure industry, focusing on enhancing customer loyalty and generating additional revenue for businesses. It offers a comprehensive selection of tickets and vouchers for worldwide attractions and events. The platform utilizes AI and innovative technology to provide a seamless, white-labeled or API solution for companies aiming to boost their brand and customer engagement. is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences and support, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to innovate and expand their offerings.


Dolce Vita


Industry: Loyalty programs & advanced payment solutions

Dolce Vita specializes in the establishment, management and operation of consumer clubs, as well as in the development of loyalty programs and their suitability to various types of Clientele.
The company provides strategy services, planning and implementation for large entities in the market's leading sectors: Banks, Credit Card Companies, Cellular, Consumer retail chains, Ministries, Local Authorities, and more.




Industry: Houseware kitchenware & Tableware

Soltam Radad is a leading cookware company, established more than 70 years ago.

Started as a local cookware manufacturer, the company gradually expanded its reach and today the Soltam brand is deeply rooted in Israel's culture and cooking experience.

Selling its products to 2 main segments, B2B and B2C (over 50 retail stores).



Industry: Digital & Data transformation

NGSoft is a software and digital services company that provides creative digital and technology solutions. Its clients include Government entities (such as the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health), leading financial institutions, large retailers, and many others. The company was established in 1992 and employs over 250 employees.


Aztek Technologies


Industry: IT services and licensing

Aztek was established in 1984 and specializes in cloud environment planning and implementation, as well as software license agreement management for business customers.



Industry: Bags and traveling equipment

Kal-Gav was established in 1981 as a backpack designer and manufacturing company. It has since expanded into other areas such as camping and traveling equipment, as well as computer and business bags. Kal-Gav is also the official distributor of several international brands including LOWE ALPINE, VAUDE, ASOLO, SALOMON and others.

Kal Gav

A.L Group

Industry: Automotive filtration

A.L. GROUP has been manufacturing tailor-made, high quality, private-label automotive filters for OEM customers around the world since 1965. With more than 1,450 employees and facilities in the US, China, Europe and the Middle East, it offers a wide range of automotive filters that combine the latest design, technology and manufacturing advances for worldwide pronounced filter manufacturers and brand holders.


S.AL Group


Industry: Master distributor for infrastructure

S.AL Group was founded in 1974, and is a leading supplier of pumps, firefighting systems, industrial valves, energy systems and plumbing equipment. S.AL Group operates through 6 branches across the country, and it also provides its customers with engineering support and technical services.


GROO (Groupon)

Industry: E-Commerce

Groupon is a privately owned company, established in 2007. The company is one of the largest local e-commerce sites, which sells coupons in three main lines of business: local businesses (restaurants, health & fitness etc.), goods and products (leisure, clothing, electronics, furniture) as well as travel and tourism packages.


iConGroup - iDigital

Industry: Consumer electronic retail

iDigital is the sole Apple Premium Reseller in Israel, with 18 stores across Israel. It operates as a subsidiary of iConGroup, Apple authorized distributor in Israel. iCon is a privately owned company, established in 2007. The group sells and distributes all Apple products, as well as high-end digital accessories.


Hamashbir Agriculture

Industry: Agriculture inputs

Hamashbir Agriculture, a private Israeli company founded in 1993, is a leading agricultural supply company. The company operates through 22 locations in Israel. Hamashbir serves as a one-stop-shop for agricultural and gardening supplies, including technical products, packaging supplies, pesticides, irrigation equipment, agro-chemicals, fertilizers and seeds.


Schnapp Batteries

Industry: Car batteries

Schnapp Batteries, an Israeli company founded in 1951 and listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Schnapp is the leader in its field in Israel. The Company is engaged in the manufacture, import and marketing of a variety of automotive starter batteries for all types of vehicles both in Israel and abroad.Since its investment, SKY has led the acquisition of Continental Tire distribution franchise in Israel and ADI Systems, Creating Israel’s market leader in the automotive sector.


Marina Galil Mushrooms

Industry: Mushroom & Vegetables producer

Marina is a leading grower and distributor of fresh vegetables, mushrooms and sprouts which are produced and packed in the Company's farms. Marina's customers include the leading Israeli retail chains as well as hotels and restaurants.


AIO Systems

Industry: Remote Monitoring Solutions

AIO provides solutions for the management of remotely-sited infrastructure, mainly in developing countries. The company’s ‘All In One’ solution optimizes the management of the remote site’s communications systems, energy consumption, security and safety. It also monitors and adjusts for factors such as climate and lighting.



Industry: Printing Services

Gestetnertec was founded in 1931 and is one of Israel's leading providers of printing solutions to the business sector. The Company imports, markets and supplies printing solutions, both hardware and software, to thousands of customers in Israel, using various integrated copy machines, printers, scanners and fax machines.



Industry: BPO activities for governmental authorities

Marmanet, Israel’s leading company for outsourcing project management and operations in the public and private sectors, is a privately owned company, established in 1994. The company also operates, through its subsidiary Geoda, Israel's largest Imaging and Scanning facilities, Operational Zoning and Planning, Management of large scale organizations and governmental archives and GIS.



Industry: Flame and gas detectors

Spectronix is an Israeli company, founded in 1967 and listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Spectronix is a leader in the development and production of flame and hazardous gas detection and explosion suppression systems.



Industry: Mail and delivery services

Messer, an Israeli private company founded in 2002, is a leading domestic commercial & institutional mailing service company. The company has over than 45 distribution centers nationwide with first class clients in Israel.



Industry: Packaging solutions

Cargal is an Israeli company formed in 1959 and is one of the leaders in Israel in the packaging solutions field. The Company operates in four sites across the country and specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of corrugated cardboard and flexible packages, with each business line generating approximately half of the Company's revenue. The flexible packaging is produced by Plasto Sac, an Israeli public company of which Cargal owns 80%.


IDB Tourism

Industry: Aviation and Tourism

IDB Tourism is one of Israel's leading aviation and tourism operators. The company's operations span wholesale, retail and inbound tourism and include leading Israeli brands, such as "Diesenhaus", "Israir", “Natour", “Tzabar", “Unital", "Open Sky", among others.



Industry: Medical and aesthetic lasers

Lumenis is engaged in development, manufacture and marketing of systems based on advanced light and laser technologies, used in 5 major applications: aesthetics, surgery, ophthalmic, dental, and veterinary. The Company offers a wide variety of products as well as product support systems, such as training and service. Lumenis has unique technologies and owns more than 180 patents worldwide. The Company is an industry leader and has a presence in more than 75 countries.


Adam Milo

Industry: HR consulting services

Adam Milo is a private Israeli company specializing in providing testing, recruitment, placement and organizational consulting services to companies and career counseling services to individuals. The Company is considered to be the leader in its field in Israel, operating at 4 branches located in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beersheva. The Company has been operating in its present format since January 1, 2003 following the merger of Milo Ltd. and the Adam Institute. In June 2006, the Company acquired the operations of the Hadassah Institute in Jerusalem. The acquisition contributed to an improvement in both company manpower and the tests performed by the Company. In February 2008 the Company acquired the control in Integra Ltd., which specializes in integrity tests.

Adam Milo

Aviv Shigur

Industry: Courier services


Aviv Shigur, a private Israeli company founded in 1936, is the leading domestic courier services provider for all types of packages. In addition, it provides mail services through a subsidiary. The Company operates a fleet of approximately 200 vehicles which provide services to thousands of customers across Israel, with nationwide coverage.

Aviv Shigur


Industry: Emergency telemedicine and panic button services

Natali-Seculife is the Israel's leading provider of emergency telemedicine and home care services to senior citizens and people requiring cardiac monitoring. The company’s services include medical centers, emergency call centers, panic buttons, mobile intensive care units, physician house calls and a variety of medical and other services. In 2007, SKY led the merger between Natali and Seculife, creating the leading company in the field of Home Care solutions in Israel, with over 100,000 subscribers.



Industry: Telecommunication solutions

Barak was founded as a private company in 1995 by Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Clalcom and Matav. Barak provides its customers with advanced communications solutions in three main fields of operation - international calls, Internet, and data services. SKY led the company into a merger with Netvision Ltd., one of Israel’s leading Internet services providers, which created a company with revenues of over NIS 1 billion.


Elspec Engineering

Industry: Power quality solutions

Elspec develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art products, which improve electrical network quality, save energy and provide network analysis. The products are based on unique and exclusive technology and algorithms, developed by the company, and providing real-time solutions. Exports are responsible for 98% of the company’s revenues. Production is carried out at the Company’s sites in Israel (Caesarea and Bet She’an) and in Portugal.

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